Mysolar Gold Premium Solar Panel Series

Bifacial glass-glass 670W shingled solar panel and Monofacial 560W shingled solar module

bifacial glass-glass shingled module
dual side glass glass modules

Up to >800W Bifacial Power Shingled Solar Module

The flagship premium solar panel series of this manufacturer. The Mysolar Gold photovoltaic module is a solution dedicated to ground installations and photovoltaic farms. Double-glass and double-sided PV module with a 30-year power warranty and a product warranty.

Gold Shingled
670W 858W max. bifacial
  • 30 Years Product Warranty
  • 30 Years Linear Power Warranty
  • Bifacial
  • Glass-glass
  • Shingled
  • 90% power after 30 years
Gold Shingled Mono
560W Positive Tolerance ~+6W
  • 30 Years Product Warranty
  • 30 Years Linear Power Warranty
  • Shingled
  • 90% Power After 30 Years
  • Salt & Ammonia Resistance
  • High Power/Low Weight

Amazing Features of Shingled Modules

ECA shingled technology

ECA Shingled Technology

The Mysolar SHINGLED panel uses ECA (Electrically Conductive Adhesive) instead of BusBar, which reduces heat loss and micro cracks.

shingled module compatible with 1500vdc systems

High Voltage 1500V Systems

Mysolar panels have 1500V system voltage and are compatible with 100V / 1500V designs which significantly reduces BoS costs. Shingled panels dedicated to solar farms.

30 year warranty for shingled solar panels

Longest (30 Years) Warranty

Mysolar offers 30 years of limited product warranty and 30 years of power production for Shingled panels. CHUBB insurance is optional.

premium modules with high resist for salt mist and ammonia

Resistance to Salt and Ammonia

Mysolar-certified Solar Panels are resistant to salt mist and ammonia. Dedicated to floating, agricultural and coastal installations. Perfect durability in industrial environment.

dual side glass glass modules

Double Side Extra Power

Mysolar bifacial panels have up to 70% bifaciality, generating up to 25.2% more energy than conventional photovoltaic panels

solar modules with pid resistant

PID Resistance

Shingled panels have high resistance to the PID effect, confirmed in the most stringent endurance tests in the industry, by the IEC 62804 standard. Which allows for a 30-year product warranty.

General Information about Premium Shingled Modules

Crucial advantages and information about Premium solar panels shingled Mysolar. Most important facts and aspects why shingled modules are the best and Premium PV solutions.

30 years long warranty for products is a unique manufacturer guarantee in the solar market.
For production Mysolar use only high-class (grade A) parts.
Premium is as well power output after 30 years, more than 90%.  

Mysolar series Gold offer up to 670W front power energy production and up to 858W front and rear side power output.
This is why this module is one of the biggest on most powerful bifacial panels in the market.

Greater Performance for Shingled Panels?
Increased capacity per square meter. As Shingled panels do not require busbars at the top of the cell, there is a greater solar absorption surface. Additional cell technology production increase general solar panel output compare to other technologies.

Better Reliability- Undoubtedly, Shingled solar modules are more resistant to mechanical failure and the occurrence of hot spots. However, their flexibility makes them adapt to environmental conditions such as wind, snow or rain.

Photovoltaic panels made in the Bifacial technology generate up to 30% more energy. The photovoltaic module also produces energy from below with ALBEDO. The bifacial coefficient of Mysolar silicon cells is as high as 70%.

30/30 years warranty, ECA technology instead of BUS BAR and 90% output power after 30 years. 
Mysolar offers Premium support and service after the sales process

Glass-Glass photovoltaic panels are enclosed in a tight glass cover of the frame. This makes the warranty for double-glazed modules the highest in the industry at 30 years. Environmental degradation is much less, and in addition, these types of PV panels have the highest resistance to dust, ammonia, sea salt and moisture.

The Mysolar SHINGLED panel uses ECA (Electrically Conductive Adhesive) instead of BusBar, which reduces heat loss and micro cracks.
Additional ECA increases power production because fewer busbar silver tapes give less self-shading effects.

Shingled solar panels, especially with glass-glass cover has better durability in harsh or polluted environment. Mysolar modules have attested abilities to work in salt mist, ammonia and low light areas.

Mysolar shingled panels have 30 years warranty for the products and 30 years warranty for linear power loss, with the best 90% power output after 30 years.