Shingled Premium Module

Mysolar Gold Shingled / Bifacial / Glass-Glass / 670W Photovoltaic Panels / 30 Years Warranty

This manufacturer offers unique photovoltaic panels, produced in shingled technology. What else distinguishes Mysolar is the double-glass and bifacial photovoltaic panels up to 670W.

shingled solar module high power

Premium Shingled Mysolar

30 Years Product Warranty

Only the best Premium modules on the market have more than 20 years of product warranty. Mysolar ensures 30 years of work with high power >90% after 30 years.

ECA Shingled Technology

The Mysolar SHINGLED panel uses ECA (Electrically Conductive Adhesive) instead of BusBar, which reduces heat loss and micro cracks.

Biggest solar panel shingled 670W

Bifacial Power

Mysolar bifacial panels have up to 70% bifaciality, generating up to 25.2% more energy than conventional photovoltaic panels. Perfect for ground installation like solar farms.

Head Office & Local Support

Technical and business support for Customers looking for dedicated offers tailor-made for their specific needs.

Mysolar Shingled Panel Series

Premium monofacial shingled modules

Shingled “blackroof” it’s a full black module with the perfect look, high-power performance and 30 years warranty for product and output power.

660w front

Shingled silver frame modules with high performance and ECA technology for increased power production with the longest warranty of 30 years for panels.

premium fullblack shingled panel

How Works Premium & longest Warranty

Mysolar uses only GRADE A components in the fully automated factory. Shingled ECA state-of-the-art technology ensures the highest performance with the lowest degradation, which allows giving 30 years product and power output warranty.



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30 Years


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A wide range of products helps fulfill the individual’s restriction for each Client project.


Big utility-scale solar projects with high efficient and powerful, bifacial modules 670W

Solar Farm

Shingled from 380W to 500W shingled solar panels for commercial installations


Half-cut bifacial double glass solar panels for utility and C&I installation.

Solar Farms